Is a Macaw a good pet?

At this point, many of you might be wondering if a Macaw is a good pet. Although we discussed their overall friendliness and potential for getting annoyed, there are many other points to consider as well. For starters, Macaws need a lot of room due to their large size. Always make sure you have a large enough cage and area for them to live in.

Macaws also love playing, so do what you can to ensure they have plenty of toys to keep them distracted when you’re not near them. Outside of that, just feed and treat them right, and you’ll have an incredible parrot in return. Also, be mindful of an avian vet that can check up on your Macaw and treat them whenever an issue arises.

The Macaw is the largest of the pet birds and is a very popular pet.

These birds are very intelligent and can learn to talk and learn tricks very easily. You can teach them to wave, play dead, dance, and even somersault. They also love to chew, so you will need to provide them with a lot of toys.

Many bird owners are intimidated by the larger species’ strong wills and large beaks. Their beaks are very strong–one bite can lead you to the emergency room. These birds are not good for first-time bird owners. You need to be very experienced with birds in order to keep one of these, somewhat difficult, creatures.

You need to establish stiff boundaries with the larger species right when you bring this bird home. Otherwise, they will learn to scream, bite, or manipulate you in order to suit their needs. These are not meant to be shoulder birds–never let your large Macaw sit on your shoulder! They can become very dominantly aggressive and you do not want those strong beaks so close to your face.

Are Macaws friendly parrots?

Although Macaws can be stubborn when they don’t get their way, they’re actually much friendlier than most people realize. Many people cite them as being like a household dog in a sense, where they’re knowledgeable, have a great willingness to learn, and are excellent at talking.

A Macaw’s big size may cause you to think otherwise with their personality, but try not to let it bother you too much. As a whole, Macaws are basically gentle giants with an attitude issue if they’re annoyed. Just make sure you treat them properly, and you’ll end up having an excellent parrot in your household.

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