Independent, loyal, talkative, not shy, enjoy showing off, love being the center of attention, playful, enjoy human companionship, tend to cuddle only on their terms, some can be strong-willed and unpredictable (especially during breeding season), many become aggressive and bite during breeding season, very loud voices, prone to obesity.

In Conclusion

The price of an Amazon parrot adds up, but considering they’re one of the best parrots to adopt from the parrot world, the price is worth it. Always be aware of your budget associated with your parrot for future reference.

The Amazon parrot is an independent, playful bird that will always keep you entertained with its excellent talking and singing abilities.

Someone once said (we’re not sure who) that, “If African Greys are the college intellectuals, then Amazons are the class clowns!” We completely agree.

Amazons can vary between species, though, when it comes to talking and singing abilities. Some are good family pets while others are mostly one-person birds and may even attack other family members. Many Amazons can also go from cuddly and quiet to aggressive and loud in an instant. They are best suited for more experienced bird owners because of this unpredictable behavior.

Some species are more outgoing while others tend to be shy. Most Amazons are loud in the mornings and evenings, but some are more vocal than others. Because of this, they are not suited for apartment living.

Amazons also have great body language, so it is not difficult to tell when they are agitated. When an Amazon is spreading his tail feathers, dilating his eyes, and raising the feathers on the back of his neck, you need to steer clear or he may bite you.

Amazons are great talkers and some can sing entire songs and even opera! The tone and clarity of their voices are excellent. However, some species may only learn a few words and mimic sounds. Amazon parrots also make a sound when they are happy or content that some people relate to a cat purring. This is a good sound.

If you are an experienced bird owner and can handle the loud vocal ability of the Amazon, then this talented parrot might be the right pet bird for you.