Perks Of Owning A Pet Parakeet

Parakeets as pets are a manageable size, entertaining, social, and talkative. Small enough to fit in your apartment and travel with you, parakeets can make great pets. Check out these 8 perks of sharing your life with a parakeet.

Endless entertainment

Supply your parakeet with the right toys, and he will provide you with a show that’s better than anything on TV. Parakeets love to ring bells, explore hollow things, bonk their toys, toss items and talk to their mirror reflection. When offered chewable items, chances are your parakeet will demolish them. Adding machine tape, whole carrot or a palm frond, for example, will usually be left to shreds.

Parakeets are small birds with a lot of personality

Generally speaking, Parakeets are a group of small to medium-sized pet birds that have long tail feathers.

Because the term is so general, it refers to a wide range of birds with different sizes, looks, and personalities. One of the best known in the U.S. is the Budgerigar (Budgie). The different types of these pet birds are so different from each other that it is difficult to describe them as a group.

Ringnecks are also wonderful pets that can learn how to talk. This video shows a very talented Ringneck interacting (humorously!) with a Cockatiel. Some of the things he says are “You’re so, you’re so cute!” “Gimme Kiss” and “Whee!” So entertaining!

AbilitiesThere is a wide range in talking ability between the species. Male Budgies are great talkers, while a talking Rosella is rare. So, the abilities depend on the species.

Social interaction

A hand-tamed parakeet will enjoy spending time with you, and might even prefer sitting on your shoulder to snuggle up to you so you can scratch his head feathers. Also, almost everyone has known someone who owned a parakeet. Even in this age of online friends, it’s nice to have a topic of conversation that is interesting. A huge generation of baby boomers in the United States grew up with parakeets they obtained at a local dime store. Go ahead, mention that you have a pet bird, or ask if someone ever had one, and be ready for the deluge of stories. If you want to interact with proud parents or grandparents, keep a photo of your bird in your wallet. If you do interact with people online, there are communities of bird lovers online.