Moluccan cockatoo


Moluccan cockatoos are very intelligent birds and playful price


At our store, this cockatoo is hand raised, fully tamed, and disease-free, and ready for its new home

Besides their intelligence, Moluccan cockatoos are friendly, affectionate, and beautiful parrots, causing many people to want to go out and adopt one. As for their size, they’re quite large and are usually around 20 inches in length and close to 2 pounds for their weight. They have an average lifespan of 40 to 60 years and are native to Indonesia. For yet another all-white with shades of pink cockatoo, consider checking out the Moluccan cockatoo, a thicker cockatoo that has and a pinkish crest that exposes when excited. They tend to be excellent pets as they’re one of the most intelligent cockatoos in the world. for more on this bird contact us now